For immediate service please text (picture message) your inquiry to 561-571-BAND or email,
Please include:
Photograph of part
Any and all part or model numbers
A brief description

We can offer whole systems on an As-is where-is basis or we can offer whole systems with install with up to 7 year warrantees or anything in between.

Coil Repair services for internally (electronic) and/or physically (cosmetically) damaged coils.

Parts repair for most parts and subsystems are available.

We can offer Whole System Service contracts: 24/7 Service contacts, 9-5 Service contracts, Time and Material service contracts, and Preventative Maintenance service contracts.

Installation and Removal services:
Who de-installs and Installs your system is more important than who services your system.
We can handle your system inspection, de-installation, rigging, storage, transportation, and re-installation.

We can purchase your old equipment or help you sell yours.

Inspections and Appraisal Services are available by appointment.

International Crating Services for your international transactions.

Repairs, testing, and refurbishment of your equipment is available.

Magnet Maintenance: De-Icing, Ramp/SHIM, Cover Repairs (for the flying ferrous objects)

Site Planning

Applications Training

Magnet Storage